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In this area we have been known for years for our outdoor activities and personal training in fitness, self defense, wellness and the training of the mind.
However, we have developped a new approach that specifically focusses on self protection, self defense and survival.
The elements which are mentioned before are still present as they all contribute to your capability of being well prepared for situations where mobile phones and money will not help you.
Situations wherein you solely rely on your strength, knowledge and experience.

༺ ༻

Realistic techniques

Street approved techniques which have proved their value.

Preparation and prevention

Strengthen your selfprotection on all terrains. At home, on the street and while traveling.

React effeciently

Learn how to take action in critical situations.

Mental training

Zen meditation, Qi-gong and Tai Chi.

Practical yoga

Slow down the aging process by practically keeping your balance, flexibility and strength in shape.

Professional trainer

Years of experience in real life as martial arts & fitness trainer, bodyguard and formal head of security agency & fitness centre.

Also for the youngest ones

In the form of survival kids parties.


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